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Tom Maikowski - Addison, TX

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We have no quotas, sales contests or a home office pick list of investments where the vendor has “paid to play”.

With rare exception, just about any fund (open-end or closed-end), ETP (to include ETF, ETN or ETV), stock, bond, option, BDC, REIT, MLP, ultra or inverse strategy, UIT or annuity can be integrated into your portfolio design.

Our ensemble arrangement includes the Arlington office of Coble-Cravens, the El Paso office of Joyce Watts Retirement Concepts and the Lubbock office of Jeff Wall and Associates.  Within the association resides the investment, policy and operations committees of our ensemble comprised of professionals with literally hundreds of years of experience in all areas of financial services.

Tom Maikowski (since 1984) and Jeff Brown (since 2006) lead the investment committee where we shred and dissect, research and create investment strategies that meet the unique income and growth objectives of our clients.

Jeff and I are proud of our newest creation the “Variable Annuity Alternative Strategy” that incorporates tax-free and tax-favored income streams that compete favorably to de-bunk the high cost claims of variable annuity and indexed annuity vendors.

Finally we incorporate the research of Cetera Research (a subsidiary of Cetera Financial Group) into our own locally grown research.  We subscribe to many investment resources, visit many investment firms annually and regularly attend investment workshops but the final decisions are designed right here in our Texas offices.

Officially every month we revisit our investment choices, however in reality the review is more frequent as market conditions, trends and events can influence a change that quickly.